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How do I get there if there's no bus?

We strongly recommend that you rent a car at the airport if you're flying into town. Since everyone's going to the same place, try and find someone to car pool with! Let us know if you don't know anyone landing around your time, and we'll ask around.

But there's no road to the island. How do I get to the island?

The directions take you to a pier, where you'll be picked up by boat and taken to the island. Let us know in advance when you'll be around so we can ferry across bunches of people at once.

What does it cost per night?

Last year we charged $90/person/night for rooms, but it may be higher this year depending on how many people attend because both wings of the island are open now and we've reserved both. All other expenses (food, booze, fireworks, crabs) totaled about $170/person last year for the weekend. If the final total is outside your budget, just chat with your host; we're flexible.

What should I bring?

If you have a favorite food or booze and you're not coming from very far, feel free! Otherwise, a swimsuit and beach towel are good ideas. Sunscreen is important, as is bug spray. There are showers with soap and shampoo available. Board games and dogs are also welcome.

Any rules?

Be sober enough to listen to safety rules when on a boat, and just be sober when shooting guns. 

Do I need to be vaccinated?

Honestly at this point, just yes.


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